Flowers & Pinwheels Easter Decorations

Final imageConsumables:

  • A selection of chocolate Easter eggs
  • Decorative straws
  • Bendy straws
  • Packaging grass
  • Ribbon
  • Decorative Easter stickers or diamante stickers
  • Large flat back pearls
  • Glue dots & 3d foam dots
  • Brads
  • Tombow multi glue or craft glue

Paper and Cardstock:

  • A selection of colourful scrapbook papers
  • Double sided scrapbook paper (For the pinwheels)

Dies, Digital die cuts, Embossing folders and Other

  • Decorative circle punch 1.5”
  • Decorative circle punch 1”
  • We R memory keepers Flower Punch Board
  • We R memory keepers Pinwheel Punch Board
  • Hole punch

Easter 1Tutorial:

Easter 2Step 1
Creating Flowers:
Size down 2 strips of the decorative cardstock to 6.7cm x 30.5cm to make the small flower. Follow the punch board instructions and construct the flower.
Punch out a decorative circle with the 1.5” punch as well as a smaller decorative circle for the center of the flower. Paste the large circle with Tombow multi glue in the middle of the flower and attach the smaller circle on top of the large with a foam dot.

Easter 3Step 2
Creating Flowers:
Use the paper quilling tool that comes with the punch board and shape the petals by rolling them around the tool.

Create a smaller flower using the XS measurements on the punch board.
Punch out a large decorative circles for the back of the flowers. Paste the bendy straw on the flower back and cover it with the large circle.

Size down pieces of green cardstock to 5cm blocks and create leaves for the flowers by using the back punch of the punch board.

Easter 4Step 3
Creating pinwheels:
Size the double-sided cardstock down to a 12.7cm x 12.7cm block. Follow the punchboard instructions to create the pinwheel. Curl the edges of the pinwheel.

Easter 7Step 4
Assemble the pinwheel:
Paste the 2 edges of the pinwheel together, make sure the holes match. Bend the brad legs around, this will make the brad fit more securely inside the straw opening. Punch a smaller decorative circle using the punch. Measure and punch a hole in the middle of the small circle.

Slightly bend the straw. Slide the straw through the large hole at the back of the pinwheel. Thread the pinwheel edges and the decorative circle through the straw. Press the bend brad into the straw opening.
Lastly slide the decorative straw over the bendy straw. Add a drop of glue at the top of the decorative straw to secure it.

Easter 5Step 5
Decorate the bottle. Size and attach the ribbon around the bottle. Tie the decorative ribbon around the bottle just above the first ribbon. Fill the bottle with the packaging grass.

Easter 6Step 6
Fill the jar with a selection of Easter chocolates.

Easter 8Step 7
Use the glue dots to adhere the pearls as an accent on the flower center.

Arrange the flowers and pinwheels in the jar.
Display on your Easter table.